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USDA Announces New Technology to Identify Citrus Greening

Agricultural Research Service scientists in Athens, Georgia, and Fort Pierce, Florida, are testing a technology known as “Fourier transform infrared-attenuated total reflection” (FTIR-ATR) spectroscopy. This technique can identify citrus greening-infected plant leaves with 95-percent accuracy – before the plant shows … Continue reading

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Smart Irrigation

Smart phones, smart cars, smart homes – technology hums along in every aspect of our lives.  Aside from convenience, smart technology really performs when it saves you money along the way.   That is why growers may want to look into … Continue reading

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Rice Hulls in the Mix

Rice hulls, a by-product of grain processing, are being studied for their usefulness in potting media as an alternative to perlite.  Perlite is a non-renewable mineral which is mined mainly in Greece, Turkey, the U.S. and China.  Switching to a … Continue reading

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Hi-Tech Bar Codes… Again

Last week an article ( appeared in the New York Times called “The Bar Code That Tells You How Much Water, Light and Fertilizer.” Although the article didn’t call them QR codes, that’s what they were talking about. I’ve seen … Continue reading

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Web-Based Classified Ads

Last time I talked a bit about Craigslist – Any grower or nursery that would like to sell to the public should look into this option. Together with Shawn Steed, ornamental production Extension agent in Hillsborough, I wrote ‘Increasing … Continue reading

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Are You Leaving Money On the Table? Let’s Talk About Technology

Things have changed over the last 30 years. Technology has changed everything. Few growers use the same pesticides they did 30 years ago. They don’t use the same growing media. Even irrigation technology has improved. Buyers have changed too. Most … Continue reading

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One Grower’s Success Story

This is about a British grower who found a way to succeed. It took time, persistence and some help from the younger generation. In the process they ran into roadblocks like technology, shipping and more. But they found solutions to … Continue reading

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