2010 Census Data on Interactive Maps

The New York Times recently released an interactive 2010 census map that shows population data for every county in the country at http://nyti.ms/eocVZG .  The map is color- coded so that you can easily determine which counties have increased or decreased in population since 2000.

Scroll over any state or county to see a summary of demographics and changes in the last ten years.  Population growth in Florida averaged 17% with only two counties showing a decrease – Pinellas and Monroe.  Most counties in central Florida experienced 20-40% growth.

By clicking on the ‘view more maps’ button you can see that vacant housing in our  region also increased by about 40%.  Only Hardee County showed a decrease here.  There are more maps showing patterns of housing development and racial/ethnic concentrations.  These data sets are valuable for business and marketing decisions.

Another interactive map from the US Census Bureau gives additional information on business and industry by county and allows you to compare up to five locations.  It is found at http://www.census.gov/cbdmap/.


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