2 New Pest Publications from UF/IFAS Researchers

European Pepper MothEuropean Pepper Moth or Southern European Marsh Pyralid Duponchelia fovealis (Zeller) (Insecta: Lepidoptera: Crambidae) (EENY508/IN910)
Researchers are monitoring this notable greenhouse pest in northern Europe and Canada for the cut flower, vegetable and aquatic plant industries. Its native range is southern Europe, the eastern Mediterranean region, the Canary Islands, Syria and Algeria, but it has expanded its range to include other parts of Africa and the Middle East, northwest India, Europe, Canada and the United States. Recent survey detected adults in pheremone traps in 20 of the 26 Florida counties surveyed. This 11-page fact sheet was written by Stephanie D. Stocks and Amanda Hodges, and published by the UF Department of Entomology and Nematology, December 2011.

Management of Orchid Pests with Silwet® L-77 and Horticultural Oils (PP287)
IFAS researchers evaluated the ability of the surfactant Silwet® L-77 to improve the efficacy of horticultural oils in controlling boisduval scale and mite infestations in orchids. This 3-page fact sheet reports the results and provides homeowners with directions for its use. Written by R. A. Cating, M. A. Hoy, and A. J. Palmateer, and published by the UF Department of Plant Pathology, November 2011.

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