Pest Alerts and Updates from NPDN

This month’s edition of the National Plant Diagnotic Network (NPDN) newsletter is particularly interesting with several items about introduced pests of concern to Florida growers.  Visit to view articles on the Giant African Snail, Achatina fulica, newly discovered in Miami-Dade (don’t pick them up without gloves!), an update on the Red Palm Mite, Raoiella indica, now found in 5 Florida counties, and the Caribbean Crazy Ant, Nylanderia pubins, which is known to infest potted plants.  A good portion of the newsletter is written by University of Florida entomologists and is well worth subscribing to.

The NPDN focuses on the early detection, accurate diagnosis, and rapid communications needed to help mitigate the impact of endemic, emerging, and exotic pathogens and pests that attack agricultural, forest, and landscape plants in the U.S.  NPDN’s mission is accomplished through a coordinated network of diagnostic laboratories and experts at land grant universities, state departments of agriculture, and industry developing and deploying regionally and nationally coordinated programs in diagnostics, training and education.

Funding for NPDP is in jeopardy.  If this type of program is important to you, please consider contacting members of Congress to express your concern and support.  More information is at


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