An Office On the Road?

mobile officeHere’s an interesting story ( from Nursery Management magazine about incorporating technology into service trucks. I think it should also be interesting to many facets of the green industry as well, especially those with route-based businesses like landscape maintenance and pest control.

While the article specifically mentions Chevy Silverado, I’d bet that other truck manufacturers either do, or will, offer something similar. Apparently there’s a feature called Chevy WiFi (powered by Autonet Mobile) that can deliver high-speed Internet to the 2012 Chevrolet Silverado.

For business owners, the feature can transform the vehicle into a serious mobile office. Autonet is a dealer-installed system that provides full Internet access for multiple users inside and within a 150-foot radius of the truck, allowing the use of multiple devices including laptops, smartphones and other WiFi-enabled devices. The suggested retail price is $399.

What that means is that business owners can look up information on the Internet, Print invoices, etc, right from the vehicle. They won’t be limited to the smaller screen of smartphones.

Here are some benefits that caught my eye:

ChevyWiFi requires no special hardware, can support several devices at once and is designed to provide uninterrupted Internet and video streaming. Passengers may use it while the vehicle is in motion and drivers may use it when parked. Autonet Mobile provides the router, which runs over 3G and 2.5G cellular data networks, as well as the monthly service.

A variety of apps are available for purchase. Find My Car tracks the location of your Silverado so you know where it is at all times. With a Geo Fence, you can define multiple virtual geographical areas to ensure vehicles follow approved routes. If a designated boundary is crossed, a notification with a time, date and location stamp will be sent to you. (my empahsis) Content Filtering allows you to block users from accessing objectionable content over the Chevy WiFi powered by Autonet connection.

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