Hi-Tech Bar Codes… Again

Scanning this QR code with a barcode scanner app will take you to the Manatee Commercial Hort website.

Last week an article (http://nyti.ms/kCNbCu) appeared in the New York Times called “The Bar Code That Tells You How Much Water, Light and Fertilizer.” Although the article didn’t call them QR codes, that’s what they were talking about. I’ve seen some retail industry articles that call them 2D codes.

I’ve mentioned QR codes in previous posts here (http://bit.ly/eZMrmg) and here (http://bit.ly/kHc9S6). If you’re not yet familiar with these hi-tech bar codes you might want to bring yourself up to speed. A wide range of retailers both inside and outside the gardening industry are ramping up their use of these codes. Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart and others are using these tags to give consumers access to additional information both on their products, and in their advertising. And the publicity surrounding these codes is increasing exponentially.

Here’s an article that explores how many companies are using these tags in their advertising. http://bit.ly/mgt7l3

The point is that consumers are being increasingly exposed to these tags, in the magazines they read and on the products – and the produce (http://bit.ly/l9MnRH)  – and the plants they’re shopping for. Their awareness and use of these tags will only increase. You need to know about them before you begin to get questions.

Customers want, and appreciate more information on the products they intend to buy. More information increases their comfort level and trust. I suspect it also translates to higher sales, but I haven’t yet seen any studies to confirm that.

My advice is to read everything you can find on QR codes – because your customers are.

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