Cargo Theft – Could it Happen Here? Yes!

semi-truckHave you heard the recnet story about the missing produce trucks here in Florida? I did and I’m not even connected with the produce industry at all. Then I ran across a story that included a few details. Intrigued, I looked for more information and what I found stunned me. I’d like to share those details as a cautionary tale. The ornamental industry would be well advised to keep their guard up as much as possible.

This past February, after several fairly severe freezes, criminals registered a trucking company with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. They also acquired insurance for the firm. Then they started watching the websites freight brokers use to connect loads with truckers. As mentioned in this article ( they contacted a broker who did standard due diligence – registration and insurance – then began assigning loads beginning March 28th. The bogus company then picked up a total of six loads. None reached their destinations. Two more loads disappeared later under the guise of two other fake companies (

The authorities, used to more common hijacked loads, were stunned at this new sophisticated twist.

Here’s a more general article from called ‘Florida has become a hotbed of cargo theft.’ –

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