Web-Based Classified Ads

craigslist logoLast time I talked a bit about Craigslist – http://sarasota.craigslist.org/. Any grower or nursery that would like to sell to the public should look into this option.

Together with Shawn Steed, ornamental production Extension agent in Hillsborough, I wrote ‘Increasing Sales in Small Farms Using Web Based Classifieds.’ (http://bit.ly/g6TFX7) In this publication I walk through the steps necessary to open a Craigslist account. From there I go through the rules that apply to Craigslist, and process of creating a free ad. If you’re selling a product, I think they always sell better if you provide pictures of the product and some good writing. Oh, and don’t give up too easily. Keep trying. Tweak the title, tweak the copy. Sometimes it takes a little tinkering to get it just right.

Later on, I’ll explore other technology options, like website and blogs and how to use them to attract your audience.  Website tracking is another interesting topic, as is Internet marketing. Stay tuned.

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