Followup on QR Codes

home depot logoI ran into another article on QR codes. This time it seems Home Depot is launching a new QR code initiative nationwide across 2,200 stores. They’re beginning with a Martha Stewart campaign. Retailers and other suppliers should sit up and take notice. When 2 marketing heavyweights like this embrace a relatively new technology (and spend a lot of marketing money) they’re expecting some success. Estimates indicate that roughly 25 million U.S. consumers now own mobile phones integrating barcode scanning technology, and that number is increasing quickly.

Here’s a quote from this ( article. The article seems to indicate that you need the Scanbuy app to read the QR codes, but it isn’t true. Many free apps are available that can read the codes.

“Do-it-yourselfers will now be able to do more product research by themselves as well, now that The Home Depot is bringing mobile barcodes to its shelves.

The DIY retailer has partnered with Scanbuy to include the codes in store, in print ads and signage. The codes, when activated, will let shoppers access how-to videos, product demos, relevant accessories, buying guides, project guides and give them the ability to buy items online. When activated outside the store, the codes will also let consumers make purchases through their mobile device with a “buy button.” The codes are being introduced this week as part of a print ad featuring Martha Stewart Living kitchens.”

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