How to Register a New Nursery In Florida

Fresh From Florida logoA father and son came in the other day to find out how to register a nursery. I’d like to share what I learned.

The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (DACS) contains the Division of Plant Industry (DPI). DPI requires the registration of all nurseries (as well as nursery stock dealers, agents, and plant brokers) and conducts inspections of nursery stock several times each year. The inspection of plants in nurseries substantially increases the probability of intercepting or detecting a serious pest before it becomes established or widely distributed.

More information & some commonly asked questions-

These are the statutes involved:
Chapter  581, F.S. –
Chapter  5B, F.A.C. –

At the bottom of the web page above is a list of forms you can download.

The first step in obtaining a certificate of registration is to contact the local inspector. The inspector will be responsible for collecting the registration fee, assisting with completing the application, as well as answer any questions one may have. Here’s the link to start the process:

On that web page, there’s a map of the state and below it, a list of the districts. To find the local office for your area, find your county and click on the underlined title above it. For example Reg 2 Area 6 contains Manatee County.  When you click on Reg2 Area 6, the link leads you to a list of inspectors. You might have to call the office to determine which inspector covers your specific area.

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